Sunday, November 19, 2006

i was walking down the road to the store to get something to drink i got to the store and went around the corner and ran in to a man i looked up and it was elvis i screamed ELVIS and when i did he put his hand around my mouth and said shhhhh im not supposed to be here i got his hand off of my mouth and said are you really elvis he didnt say any thing my eyes got big and wide he got in his pink car and drove off. i looked down and he dropprd his card with ep on it i looked on back of it it had his cell phone number on it i ran home and called his number and he picked up and said hello i said the same i said are you really elvis he said yes i said wow sorry for running in to u he said the same i said i like your pink car he said thank you.... thank you verry much then hung up. he sound just like elvis i try to call back but he never picks up i only talked to him three times. i still look for him around the store.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Now that i've thought about it, i DO have something to be proud and grateful for. For the past 365 days, these people and things have contributed to what made my year, well, my year. And as such, I think it would be best to mention them as a sort of thanks for it.
Let's start. (note: no heirarchy or order here. In order of convinience, I guess.)
1. Tropa ko, Tha Katipuneros, which is comprised of 9 great, beautiful, intelligent and talented people. These people have made my year, because I practically spent it with them. Some of them I've been friends with for around 2-3 years now, and two of them for like 5 years. I'm with them all the way to Alabang, Makati, Roxas, Paranaque, Baguio, different states of mind (nah, not like that.), through trouble, heartache, teen angst, birthdays, gigs, roadtrips, sunrises and sunsets. No need to explain further., baka lumaki lang ulo niyo. Mahala ko kayo, mga barumbado kayo. Haha.
Especially EZ and EJ, who put up with my annoying ranting about... stuff.... even on my off-est days, where I can go on and on and on talking sh*t about whatever it is. For the drives, the impromptu sessions, lahat!
2. My loving, ever supporting family. My sisters, I've gotten much closer to them this year than ever before, and my parents, who, also, have learned that i can treat them as friends. Also my cousins, I've gotten to know them more throughout the course of this year, and I'm happy that i did. My mom, for beating cancer. Ananda! For coming into our lives and enlightening us with the very few words she says!
3. Good Guys at Dukes. Mahal ko kayo, galing.
4. CISV had a big impact on me when I went to Thailand, and met people from different walks of life, literally, from all over the world.
There. That's what made up most of my year. Now it's 7am, I got home a couple hours ago. The fireworks here were crazy, now there's so much debris and gun powder lingering in the air that I feel like if I light a match, the entire village would explode. I hope to find some unlit crackers though. Anyway, I just came from makati. Really fun, I spent my new year with Sabs, Issa, Gisa, Danny, Patring and Sandro. Fun fun fun.
The statistics keep rising everytime I log into or read the newspaper. It's so hard to imagine that you're on a beautiful cruise, or just hanging in the beach when suddenly, a collossal wave comes in and destroys everything you own and everyone you love, which is the case. I wish I could help. I really want to. After watching all the videos and shots of the tsunami, it's almost empathic to go out and party now.
I'm beat. I need to sleep.
Now, for the ironic part...
Happy new year everybody!

Friday, March 03, 2006

ARTICLE 1. In addition to the procedure for the passage of legislation outlined in the Constitution, the [ beep country ] Cabinet is also authorized to enact Laws.. . . ARTICLE 2. National The laws enacted by the [ beep country ] Cabinet may deviate from the Constitution provided they C not affect the position of the [ beep upper parliament ] and the [ beep lower parliament ].The powers of the [ beep head of state ] remain unaffected. ARTICLE 3. National The laws enacted by the [ beep country ] Cabinet shall Be prepared by the [beep head of government ] and published in the official gazette. They come into effect, unless otherwise specified, upon the day following to their publication. . . ARTICLE 4. Treaties of the [ beep country ] with foreign states which concern matters of domestic legislation C not require the authorizes of the bodies participating in legislation. The [ beep country ] Cabinet is empowered to resulting the necessary provisions for the implementing of these treaties.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

INTENTIONALLY TRANSPARENT EXPERIMENTThis experiment already reminds me of the Zone diet I am experimenting with also. I just noticed how much useless "food" I was putting in my mouth. It helps just to be aware. On the transparency front I am already noticing more than one type of cloaking device I use to hide behind. I can be humorous and can use humor to deflect revealing my true self or to avoid deeper topics.

Friday, February 10, 2006


This will be your one stop source for law information in canada.